Your Kitten’s 4 Basic Needs

Petland offers valuable information on caring for your pet and choosing a pet that is right for you. Stop by one of our Petland stores and speak with one of our pet experts who will answer any questions you may have. Here you will find important information on meeting your pet’s four basic needs.

Behavioral Needs

• Toys – provides interactive (kitten & owner) and passive (kitten alone) stimulation
• Harness/Collar & Lead – keeps kitten from running away
• Bell – alerts birds and other animals of kitten’s presence, alerts you where your kitten is
• Cat Furniture – provides kitten a place to perch and scratch, protects household furniture
• Spray Catnip – attracts kitten to cat furniture
• Cat Repellent – keeps kittens away from household furniture and off limit areas
• Cat Treats – reward behavior during training

Maintenance Needs

• Shampoo – ph balanced for cats & kittens
• Flea & Tick Product – prevents or treats for fleas & ticks
• Hairball Remedy – used to prevent hairballs
• Brush & Comb – grooming reduces shedding, tangles and mats
• Shed Reducer – supplement to put on food to reduce shedding
• Nail Clippers – keeps nails short and dull, helps stop scratching
• Styptic Powder – stops bleeding if nail is cut too short
• Litter Pan Hood – reduces odor and mess, provides privacy
• Litter Pan – establish proper place for elimination
• Kitty Litter – many options for ease of cleaning, length of use, and odor reduction
• Litter Pan Liners – makes cleaning much easier, protects pan and reduces odors
• Stain & Odor Remover – removes stains and odors cause by pet urine
• Kitten Book – training and breed background information, and instructions for ongoing care

Environmental Needs

• Litter Deodorizer – reduces litter pan odor
• Food & Water Bowls – clean containers for kitten to eat and drink out of
• Cat Bed – kitten’s own place to sleep and rest
• Identification Tag – if kitten becomes lost

Nutritional Needs

• Premium Grade Kitten Food – ensure proper nutrition, quality ingredients, less stool volume, less litter box maintenance, we feed and recommend
• Vitamin Supplement – ensures balanced nutrition, especially important in kittens and pregnant or nursing cats


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