Understanding the Different Types of Dogs

There are many different types of dog breeds and consequently, there are a lot of different definitions that get thrown out there.

here are purebred dogs and designer dogs and mutts…oh my! While there are various definitions, they actually mean the same darn thing. The difference lies in the negative and positive connotations surrounding them. We’re going to discuss the various types.

Defining Purebred Dogs

To begin with just a basic understanding of dog breeds, we’ll start with purebred dogs. These are dogs who typically have official registration papers and those papers always denote the lineage, i.e. both parents were registered and are the same breed. The term purebred dog only reflects lineage. It doesn’t speak to the quality of the actual dog.

Defining Designer Dogs

Another name for designer dogs is mixed breed and these are relatively newer terms and seemingly more politically correct. In essence, designer dogs and mixed breed dogs and mutts are the same. Mutt simply has a negative connotation attached to it. All of these terms mean that the dog’s parents were not registered and that both parents are not the same breed. The coat types, shapes, and sizes will vary tremendously.

Going a bit further, designer dogs refer to the intentional mixing of breeds. You’ll also see them sometimes called hybrid dogs. Designer dogs are created by intentionally combining existing breeds to form new ones. Take for instance the Goldendoodle. This is the intentional mix of a Golden Retriever and a Poodle! Some say this is the perfect combination because both dogs are extremely friendly, active, healthy, and intelligent.

Defining Hybrid Dogs

As we mentioned earlier, this term will be mixed with designer dogs and mixed breeds and mutts, but hybrid dogs are slightly different. A true hybrid is a dog that has been crossed with a wild animal, like wolves and coyotes. Normally these mixes are not intentional and occur in the wild. These dogs are not recommended as pets and in many places, they’re against the law to own one.

As you can tell, there are tons of different dog breeds and types. It’s important that you conduct research if you’re looking to buy a dog. If you need help making a selection, feel free to contact us!