Should you choose to buy an Adult dog or a puppy?

When it comes to buying a dog there are so many options. You can choose by a specific breed, hair type, and even personality, but age also a factor you should consider when buying a dog? Many people dream of raising a small puppy from the beginning of its life and forming an unbreakable bond. It’s a well-kept secret that adult dogs can adjust very well to new home environments. Read on to learn more facts about buying adult dogs versus puppies.

  1. Potty training — One of the biggest differences between an adult dog and a puppy is potty training. Most adult dogs have already mastered the skill of potty training. Puppies require more patience as they learn to navigate the timing and location of potty training. One of the things to consider when buying a dog is your own ability to invest in potty training. Not only will you need to purchase pee pads, and odor eliminating cleaner, but you will also need to invest time and have patience because potty training doesn’t happen overnight. If you live in a space where accidents would be frowned upon, an adult potty-trained dog might be a better option for you.
  2. Bonding — We don’t call dogs man’s best friend for no reason. No matter the age, dogs have the capacity to develop special bonds with their owners. It is true that dogs are imprinters. This means that as soon as they find someone who’s trusting and loving to them, they will attach to them and always try to protect them. No need to worry if an adult dog will love you the same as a puppy. Both adult dogs and puppies will love and adore you the same.
  3. New tricks? — The old adage “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks doesn’t always prove to be true. Dogs are continuous learners no matter their age. Like babies, puppies are learning through experiencing their environment, while adult dogs have a handle on reality and learn through patterns and routines

Whether you choose to buy a new puppy or open your home to an adult dog, there is no denying that your heart and home will expand to accept your newest family member.