Should I bring my puppy?

As a new puppy owner it’s hard to think of leaving your puppy at home alone. Ideally, you’d like to bring him everywhere but is that the right thing to do? Here’s our take.

Can your dog participate? 

Leave your dog at home if you are doing something where your dog can’t participate.  If your dog has to stay in the car leave your dog at home. For those that can’t or won’t leave their dog at home, here are three tips if you have your dog with you.

Bring someone with you that can get out and walk around with the dog in a shaded area while you shop or attend an appointment. In the summer months leaving your dog in the car is the most dangerous option. Even with the windows down cars can reach high temperatures that can cause your dog to overheat, so never leave your beloved puppy in the car.

Only visit stores that are dog friendly and your dog can go inside if he or she is on a leash. There are several pet friendly stores, banks, and restaurants. Call ahead to your destination so that you are aware of the company’s policy.

Go through the drive thru. If you are running errands that have a drive thru such as the bank, pharmacy, and coffee shop, stay in the car with your dog so you can keep the car cool and take care of business. Your dog will love receiving treats from the friendly staff at the drive thru windows.

Your dog depends on you to make good decisions for a healthy puppy. In the hot summer months consider your puppies health and comfort by not leaving him in the car.