Preparing to Take Your Pet On Vacation

Whether you’re devising a hike through the Grand Canyon with your pet or heading for a dip in the crystal clear waters of the Florida panhandle, you’ll want to double up on preparation. Take a second look at some of the pointers below in case you missed a few things on your checklist!

Get the Right Crate

With planes, there are very few exceptions for animals to be permitted in the cabin area. More often than not, your pet will be crated in the cargo section for the duration of the flight. There are generally strict requirements for what’s considered “airline approved.”

Some of the conditions for proper kennels include things like wheels, so that handlers can easily roll your pet on and off the plane. Crates must have solid walls without any openings aside from a metal-grate door. You’ll also need to take photos of the kennel and send it to the airline prior to boarding.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of searching for one, you can order a pre-approved crate straight from the airlines themselves.

Shot Records & Identification

Your dog or cat may not typically wear a collar or tags at home, but they absolutely must while vacationing! Should your pet end up lost, the finder can help to reunite the two of you much quicker.

Most animals will flee the scene of a car accident, so don’t neglect to have them chipped with updated contact information! Campgrounds and places that allow pets are quite firm about providing proof for rabies vaccination, at the very least. It doesn’t matter if your cat or dog is on a leash, park rangers will issue tickets for animals without ID. 

Stay Safe With A Floatation Device

The policies for travel by boat will vary depending on the type of vessel, but there are plenty of cruise ship lines and ferries that allow pets to roam the deck. If you’ve set the date for a cruise with your furbaby, be sure to get them a life jacket as well!

The Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 cruise is accommodating enough to provide floatation devices for their four-legged guests, but you should still purchase one of your own to be on the safe side. Even if your pup is an avid swimmer, large bodies of water can pose a danger to both humans and their pets.

If your dog or cat were to fall overboard (God forbid), a vest would ensure that they’re able to keep their head above choppy waters until help arrives.

Invest in A Portabowl

Travel takes a lot out of us, and there are times when it’s just as exhausting and stressful for our pets to be in unfamiliar places. Hydration is important for the whole family, but your dog can’t drink from a water bottle…not without a struggle, anyway.

Portable water and food bowls are the perfect on-the-go tool. They’re foldable, washable, waterproof, and space-friendly for packing. Choose a collapsible silicone option for portioning or one of the soft drawstring containers that sub as a carrier for kibble and treats. 

Remember to offer your pup a drink regularly, and keep your “portabowl” on hand!