Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

As pet lovers, we can’t get enough of them!

Just about everything they do is adorable, that includes watching dogs sleep. When dogs that don’t shed a lot are cuddling in the bed beside you, it can be such a joy but who would think this would be controversial! You’ve read that right. In the dog community, there’s a debate regarding whether dogs should or shouldn’t sleep in the bed with their owners! We’re not advocating one way or the other. We are simply sharing our knowledge to you. Not all pet owners create separate spaces, especially for dogs that don’t shed a lot. They’ll find themselves anywhere in the home they’d’ like! Continue reading to learn more about this not-so-sleepy subject!

Should You Or Shouldn’t You Allow Dogs To Sleep With You?

There’s an undeniable fact and it’s that dogs genuinely love to be near us. It feels natural to them and sharing a bed makes most dogs (and people) feel secure, loved, and cozy! There have been numerous scientific researches conducted that revealed owning a dog has tremendous positive psychological and emotional effects. Stress is lowered and general feelings of happiness are increased exponentially. So it’s no wonder that the extra security of being close to their owner will also reduce the stress some dogs may experience, whether it be from a storm or other loud noises outside. The close proximity makes them feel safe.

As we indicated earlier, we aren’t advocating one way or the other but there seem to be benefits that both parties experience. Pet owners who don’t have dogs that don’t shed a lot may shy away from allowing a dog in the bed, but plenty of other owners don’t mind one bit and welcome the bonding experience. Having a dog as a bed buddy can be awesome and comforting as long as everyone is happy with the arrangement, no one falls off the bed and space is shared equally! We kid around, but you get our point! It’s a personal choice and there is no right or wrong decision.