Is a dog walker right for you?

Daily walks are essential to our dog’s happiness and wellbeing. Your dog could require up to 3 walks per day depending on its age, breed, and energy level. With the daily hustle and bustle of work, school, and social activities, making time for your dog’s walk may feel like a difficult act to balance. Recently many cities have seen the introduction of dog walking services who can help bridge the gap for individuals like yourself with busy schedules. How can you determine if a dog walker is right for you?

1. Your dog is comfortable and friendly with strangers

If your dog is friendly and greets strangers with enthusiastic energy, then your dog would benefit from dog walking services. If your dog becomes aggressive or territorial around new humans, then you may want to reconsider. Also, keep in mind that your assigned walker could change so your dog may have to adjust to new people on the fly. You know your dog’s temperament best when it comes to strangers. The walking experience should be comfortable for your dog and the walker so don’t force your dog into an uncomfortable experience prematurely. Work with your vet to get advice on how to ease your pup into being more comfortable around strangers.

2. Your dog is comfortable and friendly with other dogs

Dog walkers usually balance a small group of dogs. This can be problematic if one dog is aggressive towards the others. If you notice that your dog barks uncontrollably around other dogs, or attempts to chase after other dogs, you may want to reconsider using a dog walking service. Dogs who are calm and friendly toward other dogs are the best candidates for dog walking services.

3. Your dog is comfortable with a stranger entering your home

Since you will most likely be using the service when you aren’t home, it is important that your dog doesn’t become aggressive or territorial when a stranger enters your home. The dog walker will enter your home using the key provided, and you want to be sure that your dog can be easily transitioned from the home to the walk.