Fun Games to Play With Your Pup This Summer

Summer calls for spending a lot of time outdoors. The garden comes alive and everywhere looks so beautiful.There are new smells and you definitely want to give your pup a feel of this “happiest time of the year.”Your pup loves nothing more than playing with his favorite human, and we understand that.

So, here are 5 game ideas that you can explore in the backyard, the garden, or the park:

  1. Frisbee

This feels like an upgraded version of fetch because Fido would be chasing over longer distances. You know how much he loves to fetch, so you can imagine how much more fun Frisbee would be for him.This game also aids agility and is a great way to exercise. If you’re only just starting out, use a soft disc instead of regular hard plastic frisbees.Fido might get a couple of hits in the face when getting the hang of the game, and a hard frisbee in the face can discourage him from continuing.

  1. Hide and Seek

Bring Fido’s tracking and sniffing skills to the fore with a game of hide and seek. You could even recruit family members so that it’s a lot more exciting.Hide in a secluded spot and call out to him to find you. The longer it takes, the more exciting it is for him.To increase excitement further, you could have multiple family members calling out at the same time. As he gets better at tracking everybody down, you could raise the bar on the challenge.Let’s see how Fido aces this tracking test.

  1. Tug of War

The excitement in Fido’s eyes would be almost palpable, and this is a guarantee. Tug of war is one of the games that pups love the most. The main reason, of course, is the fact that you’re trying to get something from them.They have a natural back and forth tugging instinct associated with getting food. Therefore, their natural instincts kick in here. To play, a rugged stuffed toy or strong rope toy works fine.Just ensure that it isn’t fraying so that your pet doesn’t ingest string.

  1. Treasure (Treats) Hunt

This is a great way for your pup to have fun, and be rewarded with his favorite treats at the end.Hide his favorite treats all around the garden, in different locations, and of course, the smelly ones. So, he has to track down all of these treats while the smells pleasantly assault his senses all over the garden.You can change hiding places from time to time while he’s at it, making the game extra fun.

  1. Water Games

A hot day out in the garden goes beautifully with water games. You could use a kiddie pool filled with water and allow your pup to go crazy.If you have a pool, and Fido can swim, this works just fine too. Also, you could visit a pet-friendly beach and watch him splash around in the waves.A game of fetch with a ball would fit in just nicely into the mix too.