Dog Dental Month is a Reminder To Keep Those Teeth Clean

Keeping your dog’s teeth clean is a non-negotiable aspect of maintaining their general hygiene. 

Apart from less serious consequences of poor dental health such as mouth odor, a more serious problem could arise in the form of plaque. 

Eventually, plaque mixing with other minerals in the mouth hardens to become tartar which eventually causes gum disease, decay, and other oral health problems. Regular dental care helps to prevent all of this. In addition, here are some other benefits:

Avoiding Periodontal Disease

Tartar on dog teeth may cause gum infection and inflammation. This may result in the gum beginning to recede, resulting in the teeth being exposed and vulnerable. Further progression of this may lead to gingivitis where dogs lose their teeth. 

From Gingivitis, further progression sees development of even more debilitating periodontal diseases. Regular brushing is advised, a minimum of three times a week, and ideally, every day. 

Preventing Tooth Loss

Certain structures in your dog’s mouth are responsible for keeping teeth in place. These structures may weaken, or get infected or damaged over time. This sort of damage could result in teeth loosening or falling out. 

Adequate dental care helps to strengthen and maintain these teeth-supporting structures. This implies that your dog keeps his teeth to enjoy his meals as well as avoid the pain of potential teeth issues. 

Stopping Organ Damage

Bacteria responsible for the formation of plaque can find their way into the bloodstream and spread to the heart, liver, and kidneys. When this happens, the process is referred to as bacteremia. 

Bacteremia can lead to long-term organ damage and complications. To avoid this, an ideal visit to the vet once a year is necessary to get the mouth professionally cleaned. 

Subsequently, any seemingly apparent mouth problems should be taken to the vet. 


Maintaining great dental health in dogs cannot be overemphasized.  Start right away!