5 Tips for Naming Your Petland Puppies

Part of the fun of getting a new puppy is the naming process!

This is an opportunity for you and your family to get creative in naming one of your Petland puppies. To help you out, here are five tips for naming your new furry family member.


Think of how often you’re going to call your dog’s name (which is pretty) and where you’ll be. For instance, it’s likely that you’ll be in public and at dog parks. Do you really want to call out an inappropriate name at the park?! Maybe you do, we aren’t here to judge, we just want to throw it out there for you to be mindful of what you name your pup.

Consider What Your Dog Hears

Another tip for naming your dog is to give her a name that is easy for her to understand and hear. There’s a science to it actually. Petland puppies aren’t named until they go home with their owner but we like to address them as “sweetie” or “baby.” In your home, you’ll want something simple and easy to decipher. Names starting with the letters D, T, or K are easy. Sometimes S or F are hard and confusing for them.

Avoid Words That Command

We have to say this, but we think you are likely to agree with us. Avoid naming your dog anything close to a command you’d want to teach. Actually, stay away from words that rhyme with the commands, too. For instance, you don’t want to name your dog “Faye” because she’d get confused with the word “stay,” and neither of you wants that!

Lineage Naming

Maybe you want to name your pup something that is dedicated to her lineage. Sometimes new pet owners name our Petland puppies after the origin of the country for the specific breed. Is your dog an American breed like a Boston Terrier? Maybe you’d name him “Boston” or Massey for Massachusetts. You’re free to take this name by the way. We don’t own the rights!

Size Matters

Over your lifetime, how many dogs have you encountered or even seen on TV that was little but named Brutus? What about big dogs named Tiny? You get where we’re going with this. You can get playful and switch it up by naming your new Petland puppies after the opposite of their size or directly after their size.